Morty’s Birthday Party

Morty’s Birthday Party Mortimer

Everybody at the castle is very excited. It’s Mortimer’s birthday! His family and friends are
preparing a surprise party for Morty. Malcolm the dragon has asked Morty to go and play with
him outside. So Morty’s family and the castle servants can prepare the party in the great hall.
Morty’s mother helps the cook in the kitchen. They are preparing a lot of food for all the guests. They have roast chicken, apple pie, pumpkins and vegetables, salad and freshly baked bread.

Morty’s father and Uncle Godfrey help set the big table for dinner. There will be many guests this evening. Of course Morty’s grandparents will be there and all of his friends from the town of Ivybridge. Rachel and her brother Harry have come from the future. They came with the help of the magic chest. They have brought presents for Mortimer and some things for the party: straws, balloons and Christmas crackers as it’s the first of December and Christmas is not far away.

When Malcolm and Mortimer return from playing, the dragon leads Morty to the great hall. Morty doesn’t know that there is a party waiting for him. He is very surprised when Malcolm opens the big doors and all of Morty’s family and friends shout: “Surprise! Happy birthday, Morty!”

Morty is very happy about his party and even more so because his friends from the future came along too! “Oh, how wonderful! I’m so happy to see you all!” he exclaims.

He is very excited about his presents. He gets a new wooden sword and a shield from his parents for his training as a knight. From Rachel and Harry, he gets a snowsuit and a snowboard. The next morning, after breakfast, he goes outside and tries out his new snowboard.
Happy birthday, Morty!